Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28: These smart-looking smart speakers are future upgradeable


Bang & Olufsen has once again raised the bar in the world of audio with their latest creation, the Beolab 28. These smart-looking speakers not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also offer a unique feature that sets them apart from the competition—they are future upgradeable. Let’s dive into the details of the Beolab 28 and explore why they are a smart investment for audio enthusiasts.

When it comes to audio innovation and design, Bang & Olufsen has always been at the forefront. Their latest offering, the Beolab 28, showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what smart speakers can do. With a combination of elegant design, superior sound quality, and future upgradeability, these speakers are poised to revolutionize your audio experience.

Elegant Design and Premium Craftsmanship

The Beolab 28 speakers are a testament to Bang & Olufsen’s meticulous attention to detail and premium craftsmanship. With their sleek and minimalistic design, these speakers effortlessly blend into any living space. Available in a range of finishes, including aluminum and wood, you can choose the option that best complements your interior decor. The Beolab 28 not only deliver stunning sound but also serve as a statement piece of furniture.

Superior Sound Performance

Bang & Olufsen is renowned for their commitment to audio excellence, and the Beolab 28 speakers are no exception. Equipped with advanced acoustic technologies and high-quality drivers, these speakers deliver a rich and immersive sound experience. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying gaming sessions, the Beolab 28 ensures that every detail and nuance of the audio is faithfully reproduced, allowing you to truly connect with your content.

Adaptive Acoustic Lens Technology

One of the standout features of the Beolab 28 is the Adaptive Acoustic Lens technology. This innovative feature allows the speakers to adjust their sound dispersion based on the listening position. The lenses can be electronically controlled to provide optimal sound performance in any room, ensuring that everyone enjoys an immersive audio experience, regardless of their location in the space. This adaptive technology sets the Beolab 28 apart and contributes to their exceptional sound quality.

Future Upgradeability

What truly sets the Beolab 28 apart from other smart speakers on the market is its future upgradeability. Bang & Olufsen has designed these speakers with modular components, allowing them to be easily upgraded as new technologies and features emerge. This means that you can keep up with the latest advancements in audio without having to replace the entire speaker system. The future-proof design of the Beolab 28 ensures that your investment will continue to deliver exceptional audio experiences for years to come.

Wireless Connectivity and Smart Features

The Beolab 28 speakers offer seamless wireless connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your favorite devices with ease. They support a range of wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and streaming services. Additionally, these speakers come with built-in voice assistant support, allowing you to control them using simple voice commands. The integration of smart features enhances the overall user experience and adds convenience to your daily life.


The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 speakers combine elegant design, superior sound performance, future upgradeability, and smart features to create a truly remarkable audio solution. Whether you’re an audio enthusiast, a design aficionado, or someone who appreciates cutting-edge technology, the Beolab 28 is a smart investment. It not only delivers outstanding audio quality but also ensures that you can stay at the forefront of audio technology through its future upgradeability.


  1. What are the available finishes for the Beolab 28 speakers?
    • The Beolab 28 speakers are available in different finishes, including aluminum and wood. These options allow you to choose a design that suits your personal style and complements your living space.
  2. How can I upgrade the Beolab 28 speakers in the future?
    • Bang & Olufsen will provide upgrade modules for the Beolab 28 speakers as new technologies and features become available. These modules can be easily installed, ensuring that your speakers stay up to date without needing to replace the entire system.
  3. Can I use the Beolab 28 speakers in a multiroom setup?
    • Yes, the Beolab 28 speakers support multiroom functionality, allowing you to connect and synchronize them with other compatible Bang & Olufsen speakers for a seamless audio experience throughout your home.
  4. Do the Beolab 28 speakers come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Bang & Olufsen offers a warranty for the Beolab 28 speakers, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that any potential issues are addressed promptly.
  5. What is the power output of the Beolab 28 speakers?
    • The Beolab 28 speakers offer a total power output of 125 watts per channel, ensuring a powerful and dynamic sound performance.

In conclusion, the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 speakers combine style, exceptional sound quality, and future upgradeability, making them an outstanding choice for audio enthusiasts. With their elegant design, superior sound performance, adaptive acoustic lens technology, wireless connectivity, and smart features, these speakers elevate the listening experience to new heights. Invest in the Beolab 28 and enjoy a future-proof audio solution that will continue to impress for years to come.


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